QUATRO Is Building a Gateway Between The Real World And Blockchain,
And The Infrastructure For Smart Contracts, Decentralised Finance,
Democratic Future We All Deserve.


QUATRO aims to create a comprehensive smart financial ecological network for all the investors. Due to the innovative "QUATRO Protocol", it can be perfectly embedded in any DeFi applications and network systems based on multi-blockchain technology, which greatly improves transaction efficiency, reduces transaction costs, avoid the transaction congestion and high commission in current mainstream public chains.

We will focus on the ecological construction of DeFi industry, promote smart contract to be embedded in the terminals of data analysis end and data generation and form the ecological loop of data processing to break the bottleneck in mainstream finance and DeFi fields, so that it is possible to form an exponential growth of ecological value within a short period of time.

A Growing DeFi Innovation Ecosystem

      D E F I
            E X P E R I E N C E

Since the smart contracts of different main chains are incapable of interaction, QUATRO proposes a heterogeneous "bridge technology”, the Qbridge Protocol. ...Due to its parallel cross-chain structure protocol with potentially different features, it enables different cross-chain protocols or chains to support anonymity and serve specific scenarios. Both private chains and alliance chains with interface structures can access the QUATRO ecological platform network through the bridge technology of Qbridge protocol. Now, all the four TUBE protocols have been embedded with Qbridge smart contract so as to realize the interchange.
On the premise of ensuring security of each blockchain, QUATRO communicates and connects each independent chain through the "Qbridge Protocol", which plays the role of a "bridge" to connect various chains in a secure manner.

MECHCRAFT is a hybrid Game-Fi that combines Collectibles Card Games, Tower Defence and PVP.
which realizes "play and earn" for all users.

MECHCRAFT uses NFT and blockchain technology and is constructed through ERC-1155.

MEET our

DEXTOR Lab, a world famous geek organization is composed of the blockchain technology &
smart contract enthusiasts from Silicon Valley and blockchain experts worldwide.
All the members share a common vision: to create a truly unified DEFI 2.0 solution.



  • USWAP DEX Official launch
  • UNIH/UNIG Pairing live
  • UNIE/UNIG Pairing live
  • TUBE 1/ ETH Pairing live
  • USWAP Liquidity Pool live
  • U-Dequest launch
  • U-Dequest Pool 1 live
  • Qbridge Cross-chain Protocol live
  • ESWAP DEX official launch
  • TUBE 1 Live
  • TUBE 2 Live
  • TUBE 1/ TUBE 2 Pairing Live
  • TUBE 2/ ETH Pairing Live
  • ESWAP Liquidity Pool Live
  • USWAP Live on Fei Xiao Hao
  • ESWAP Live on DappRadar
  • U-Dequest Pool 2 live
  • E-Dequest launch
  • E-Dequest Pool live
  • ESWAP live on Fei Xiao Hao
  • ESWAP : TUBE 2/ UNI Pairing live
  • Audit submission to CERTIK completed
  • TUBE 2/ ETH live on LBANK
  • DEBUT aggregator live
  • DEBUT Nodes live
  • TUBE 2 live on Coinmarketcap
  • TUBE 2 live on Coingecko
  • TUBE 2 Live on Mytoken
  • Gamefi project launch
  • Mechcraft 1st presale
  • Mechcraft 2nd presale
  • Mechcraft NFT 1st giveaway
  • Mechcraft NFT 2nd giveaway
  • Mechcraft closed Alpha-beta Testing
  • UNIH/UNIG Pairing Live
  • UNIE/UNIG Pairing Live
  • ETH/TUBE1 Pairing Live
  • USWAP Liquidity Mining online
  • U-Dequest
  • U-Dequest POOL1
  • TUBE1 Pool Live
  • TUBE2 Pool Live
  • TUBE1/TUBE2 Pairing Live
  • TUBE2/ETH Pairing Live
  • ESWAP Liquidity Mining online
  • USWAP FeiXiaoHao Online
  • ESWAP DappRadar Online
  • U-Dequest POOL2
  • E-Dequest Launch
  • E-Dequest POOL
  • ESWAP FeiXiaoHao Online
  • ESWAP TUBE2/UNI Pairing Live
  • Submission of code for audit to CERTIK
  • TUBE2/ETH Live on LBANK
  • DEBUT Vaults Pool
  • DEBUT nodes
  • TUBE2 Live on CoinMarketCap
  • TUBE2 Live on CoinGecko
  • TUBE2 Live on Mytoken
  • Mechcraft Stage1 Pre-sales
  • Mechcraft Stage2 Pre-sales

Other blockchains are run by powerful ecosystem intermediaries.
But QUATRO is powered by patriots, with an uncapped number of block produces.
Our inclusive community unites people around the world with a passion for decentralized blockchain.

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